And so it begins

4:40pm • paint nails the blackest black since this is in fact a church camp and search the house for tye dye pants

6:32pm • listen to emotional country songs with lyrics like “you say it best when you say nothing at all” and plan crazy huge vacations that won’t actually happen (for a long while, at least)

10:39pm • exchange tight hugs, hellos, and goodbyes, and squeeze my suitcase with pairs of shoes that are definitely necessary into the back of a red rental van that I at this moment named Val

11:02pm • make the impulsive decision to turn on my cell phone data which is already 90% used just in case my boyfriend texts me back (you didn’t think I was going to go a whole post without talking about him, did you?)

11:06pm • look around Val and think just how lucky I am to be on the way to camp in freakin’ Canada where I will not only celebrate my eighteenth birthday but my aunts first wedding anniversary with her really perfect wife

Peace and love, y’all.


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