Finally, after what seemed like years and years of driving, WE ARE HERE! Brock University, to be specific. We checked in right before dinner ended, grabbed a piece of pizza, and made our way down to the fire pit for the opening session.


There were a few introductions, a few sweet songs, and a few good prayers. We did an exercise that explained Canada’s history and why the ground we were walking on at that very moment was so important.


After the opening worship session, we broke off into groups and I went with the “young adults.” We are planning to go to Niagara Falls this Friday when it’s late at night to see fireworks! Sometime this week we’re squeezing in a waterfall hike and a beach trip, too. Since I’m wearing my Mom’s DUKE baseball cap, I can’t count how many times today I’ve had to say “No, I don’t go to Duke!”

Right now there’s really perfect music being played and lovely voices are singing loud in the courtyard of the townhouses and those two together will be great to fall asleep to.

I know this first post is super lame, but I promise I’ll write more during our free time tomorrow.


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