My favorite Young Life leader Amanda Cooksey is working on a reservation for the summer and she has a really great blog ( Inspired by her most recent post, here’s a list of things I’m thankful for.

  1. Grandma Linda’s lemon cookies. I’ve had like 47. And it’s only the third day of the week. Is this a problem? No.
  2. Name tags. Otherwise I would have no idea who anybody is ever because yesterday in a matter of minutes I met almost the whole entire peace camp population and I only truly remember like 6 people.
  3. My phone. My phone because I can take pictures wherever I go and upload them directly to my blog. Thank goodness.
  4. Comfy shoes.
  5. Extra nail polish.
  6. Maps. Because I just spent 25 minutes this morning trying to find my townhouse without one.
  7. Long meal times. Time to sit and laugh and catch up and just listen.
  8. Good music, all day, all night.
  9. Extra blankets.
  10. Chapstick.
  11. Chapstick.
  12. Did I say Chapstick already??
  13. The Skype app because I get to see my beautiful mama’s face with the touch of a button.
  14. The Kakao app because I get to hear my beautiful mama’s voice when Skype doesn’t work with the touch of a button.
  15. Safe sex ads in the University hallways. If you hear me laugh out loud, I swear I’m not crazy.  Stupid
  16. Warm showers.
  17. Long warm showers.
  18. Wifi all over campus
  19. Wifi all over campus that doesn’t need a password
  21. Dr. Pepper that’s ready 24/7. Oops.
  22. Awesome blogs like Amanda Cooksey’s.
  23. Finding out that I got a PARKING PERMIT for UNCA. Finally.
  24. Our AC actually works now so the front door can close and the annoying flies can all get the heck out.
  25. Deborah Lynn.
  26. April Baker.
  27. My mama.

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