Channeling My Inner Queen of Anything

Everybody say hi to my man:


Isn’t he the cutest person you’ve ever seen? Geez. He just makes my heart happy.

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Anyways, we were hanging out at my house when he looked at me and shared his dream of having fish pants.

Because, you know, who wouldn’t want a pair of pants with fish on them…………..?


Without missing a beat, I told him that I could definitely make him some but in my head I was thinking, “What the hell am I talking about? I can’t make pants. I don’t even know how to properly fold a fitted sheet. Or sew on a button. Or make coffee with a coffee maker. Or do a lot of things. How in the WORLD am I supposed to make an attractive article of clothing for my attractive boyfriend to wear?”

He looked at me again and asked if I was sure and I was like, “Um, duh,” while I was texting Grandma Linda to make sure she was home this week to help me make pants with fish on them.

Channeling my inner Queen of Anything, more specifically the seamstress part, I took some measurements with my special purple pen and told him that I would gladly bring The Fish Pants to him on Tuesday.

Right away, I started sewing these pants and following the pattern, which currently is proving to be more difficult than I thought. It says it big letters that these things are EASY TO SEW but with the dork’s requests, they weren’t that simple! He’s a nut. He definitely needs pockets that come out to look like a fish and a fabric with not only fish but also lures on them.

If you squint with one eye, say the alphabet backwards while standing on one foot, and look under the pattern, you’ll see the fabric. It’s a sky blue with brown fish and hooks.

I also thought I would throw this fun lil guy on his butt, probably on the left side for no particular reason other than it’s a freakin’ fish.

That’s me slaving away. Can we just talk about the bun in my hair real quick? I mean, holy cow.

Anywho, I’m supposed to be finishing The Fish Pants by Tuesday since that’s when I promised the loser he’d have them, so wish me luck.

And the Best Girlfriend Award goes to…

Always, S

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