Observations: Temporarily Living With 4 College Boys

  1. No room is not UNclean.
  2. Lots of band posters
  3. and lots of paintings
  4. and lots of holes in the walls from not being able to hang a picture straight on the first try.
  5. There’s always techno/dupstep music playing.
  6. Always.
  7. “Dude, do you wanna like, go to the gym before we eat or wait until, like, dude, after?” is the question you’ll hear most.
  8. Never out of beer.
  9. Correction: never out of ***shitty beer.
  10. The refrigerator top is COVERED with buckets and buckets of protein powder. Ew.
  11. “Dude, dude. Smell this powder. What does it smell like to you?”
  12. “I dunno man, it smells like, like, if you rode a bicycle in Norway in July and dude, like, if you stopped to get ice cream and there was a hot girl there. Like a super hot girl.”
  13. “That’s what it tastes like.”
  14. “DUUUUUUUUDE I was thinking LITERALLY the exact same thing.”
  15. “Was she blonde?”
  16. Doing laundry means picking your clothes off of the floor, washing them, drying them, and putting them back on the floor, folded in a way that would make your mama disappointed.
  17.  Not a second goes by without a crude joke.
  18. I’ve heard the F word a billion times,
  19. but that’s okay,
  20. because they’re boys.
  21. Procrastination at it’s finest: when to take a shower.
  22. Chillin, just chillin, and more chillin.
  23. Me: “Hey! I’m doing laundry. Is there anything that needs to be hung up and not dried?”
  24. “…what?”
  25. Me: “Okay! Great. I’ll throw in all in.”
  26. “Yeah, that’s what I do.”

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