I Am From

I Am From: My 1st LANG120 Assignment

I am from Ruth and Ben, Tommy and Linda, Ashley and Lynn.

From the Appalachian mountains and the urban streets of Durham,
from steep everlasting glories to crowded muddy sidewalks.

I am from sweet tea drinkers, biscuit eaters, coffee enthusiasts, and everything with gravy.

I am from jokes that last too long and love and care and kindness.

From Native American tribes making their way to new homes and new places long before I was even a thought.

I am from “Yes ma’am,” “No sir,” “Who wants to say the blessing?” and “Say ‘thank you’ kindly after every Christmas present.”

I am from not entirely Methodists, who swarm the front row on special holidays and when babes are born, and I am from salt circles and the hanging of garlic and all things holy to protect from creatures and spells of the night.

I am from a family sit-down with plenty of red wine and happy tears, a car full of Christmas carols even in July, and too many Lizzie McGuire marathons on that big yellow couch to count.

I am from wild dogs and baby pigs, in particular the ones that play soccer with their noses; newborn calves and a donkey named Gus; a puppy big enough to ride on a hot summer day who was called Wolfgang.

I am from daisies and long trails of ivy; roses out back that shower the yard like sprinkles on top of the best ice-cream sundae you’ll ever have; pumpkins behind a fence gate that now stands alone, with a purple moon painted and flowers to match.

I am from marchers and protesters, business-owners and professors, farmers and factory workers, and a family business branch.

My own front porch party, with a swing that creaks just as much as you laugh and as many open arms as you can imagine, ready to hug and squeeze and kiss the sad right out of every ounce of your whole being.

3 thoughts on “I Am From

  1. Savannah…made me cry…this is beautiful! and exactly what that guy at peace camp meant! if you wanted to print that in caligraphy and frame it, that would be a great gift for me!

    love you….BIG!!!!

    call/text if you need anything!


    Deborah Lynn, MDiv, LMT Rosen Method Bodywork 615-400-9932 deborah@touchedintobeing.com http://www.touchedintobeing.com

    The fullness of life may be in direct correlation to: how present we are to life’s moments; how aware we are to our own body as the container for all of our life experiences; and to our capacity to receive and give Love.


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