What’s on my iPhone?

I recently saw a post on a blog I follow that asked, “What’s on your iPhone?” and I thought I would just show you:


Lock screen: Just a cute picture of me and my favorite person. Side note: He got those american flag shorts at Walmart for like, $4.00 and literally wears them twice every. Single. Week. Are they swim trunks? Yes. Does he wear them when he’s not going swimming? Yes. This is part of his charm, I guess 🙂


Home page, 1: Here’s what it looks like when I unlock my phone! The background is just a random picture I found on tumblr because I am everyday wishing to be in clear, cold water with a big floppy sun hat and Kate Spade glasses. Up at the top you’ve got my camera, photo roll, Instagram, Snapchat.

Instagram: Like Facebook, except you only share photos.

Snapchat: Send an ugly picture of yourself to a friend and make it only last like 5 seconds.

Next you have a link to my bank account, Gmail, phone settings, and Evernote.

EVERNOTE is an app I use on both my phone and laptop to take notes in class. It automatically syncs anything you do to all connected devices and you can easily share documents with classmates and teachers.

Third row: Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, Facebook Messenger. Finally, Google Maps and a Social box.

On the bottom you see my phone, messages, Spotify, and Chrome.

Spotify is a music app that gives you access to literally every song ever and it’s FREE! For $10 a month you can listen without commercials. Look into this one if you haven’t already.


The Social Box: Vine (a social network where people post 6 second videos), KAKAO (the app I used to talk to family while in Canada), tumblr (a blog), Skype, YouTube, Goodreads (a place to rate books, find books similar to what you’ve already read, and join online book clubs), and Yik Yak.

YIK YAK basically functions as an anonymous twitter that’s essentially for college students. It shows “yaks” from those in your area. If you’re an adult, I don’t recommend getting this app, unless you want to see stupid corny jokes and college student complaints from students attending a school near you. From the freshman standpoint, it’s always a good laugh and sometimes a way to find out important info about the campus.


Page 2: We’ve got the Nike running app that tracks my exercise, a mail app for business emails only, and some big boxes. on the fourth row there’s my internet browser, newsstand (you can download digital magazines and other stuff here), and a link to my Moodle, which is how I keep track of assignments for LANG120.




Afterlight: Tons of filters and so many editing options. You can also crop your pictures here too. I think it’s 99 cents.

Photofy: Add text and other effects to a photo.

Over: Add text and stickers to a photo. I want to say this was $1.00.

Pic Collage: Self-explanatory!

VSCOCam: THIS IS THE COOLEST APP EVER. So many filters. When you’re done editing your photo, you can post it on a live stream with everyone that has the app.

VSCO Grid: This app is just a link to my own VSCO profile. Find me!! My VSCO username is swraex.

Wallpapers: Lots of wallpapers for your phone or other device.

Pimple Eraser: Okay, I swear I don’t use this a lot. Usually if I have a bump on my nose that makes me look like Rudolph, I’ll airbrush a little bit. Gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Stamps: I haven’t used this app yet, but it lets you create personalized stamps! Add pictures, words, you name it.

Sqauready: THE BEST CROPPING APP. I don’t even have words for this thing. Just try it. Super easy to use.


Games: Really I have games on here so if little kids have my phone, they’ll be entertained. I don’t really play any of them a lot, except for Sky Burger. That one’s addicting.



Auto Trader: Because who doesn’t like looking at cars?

Cheap Tickets: It’s in the name – tickets that are relatively cheap!  Flight tickets, I mean.

Expedia: Hotels, rental cars, flights. If you can’t tell already, I like to daydream.

Airbnb: If you get any of the apps I’m showing you in this post, GET THIS ONE! I’ll make a separate post about this soon. People place their houses up for rent, and I’m not talking about just normal ol’ houses. Take a look. I swear, you won’t be disappointed.



REI, for all of my hiking needs – whenever I actually get around to hiking.

Saks 5th Avenue to support my everyday dream of being a wealthy model that can wear Burberry casually.

Nordstrom, because hello? It’s Nordstrom.

Etsy: Homemade things for sale. It’s not just an app. Go to http://etsy.com on your computer, too.

Groupon: LOVE THIS! Soooo many coupons. For example, an Otterbox phone case is usually $70.00 or so. With a groupon? $14.99. I know, right?


App Store.

Music. Beyonce songs only. I’m not kidding.

IMG_3758 IMG_3759 IMG_3760

And finally have all of the other apps that are required to be on my phone but I don’t actually use.

Among these are CropVs, an app to fit a video to Instagram format, and SnapHack. You can save those ugly snapchats I was talking about earlier 😉

That’s all that’s on my iPhone! If you have any questions about the apps, feel free to ask. I’ve also been deemed the techie of the family, so if you need help with your phone, I got you.


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