Week 4

Should I have fallen asleep for an hour or two instead of doing homework? No.

Is it acceptable to repeatedly mumble “I am a genius. I am a genius,” to myself like a crazy person when I’m feeling down? Why yes, yes it is.

Should I have eaten a lot cookie dough today? Probably not.

Did I do it anyways? Yes, because it had cute little pumpkins on the package.

Is it weird if I blare John Legend’s “All of Me” in my dorm room and sing along with it in a half normal/half crying due to stress voice? Nope.

Do I miss my family and friends and my puppy and my bed that is much larger than mine here? Yeah.

Do people think I’m strange when I have a huge, blue LACTIVIST bumper sticker on my wall? Yes. Especially the baseball players.

Do I take their confused glares as an opportunity to explain why breastfeeding matters and also launch into a conversation about birth control and sexual awareness? Every freaking time.

Am I stupid for planning to go camping with my boyfriend this weekend when I should stay holed up in my room studying the distance between the Earth and Sun (which is 1 AU, by the way)? Most likely.

Am I going camping in a TIPI anyways? HELL YES!

On the way back from parking my car, when it’s raining, did I cry a little bit because the hill was huge and my legs were tired and I want my nails done? I mean, maybe.

This week screamed, “Welcome to college.”


3 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. Camping in a tipi?!!! Way cool. Send me a pic. April and I love camping!
    And again, I love the way you write, your particular phrasings. Keep writing from who you are, from your unique personality and strength…you are your own greatest strength. In that way, your writing style reminds me of Anne Lamott who also has unique phrasings and writes from her personality. Sending you love and adventure for your weekend! Deborah


  2. I have laughed so hard, I’ve cried. You are sooo funny and I love to read your blog. I really needed to read this today. Papa home and sleeping a lot, didn’t get much sleep in the hospital but catching up now. Mom came and stayed with him while I went to the store. Got a little food (soft) for Papa and me lots of things to make “girlie drinks”, can’t wait! Have fun this weekend and be safe. Always, you Nana


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