Week 5

Monday: Took an Astronomy test. Cried. Don’t remember anything else. Couldn’t see where I was going through my tears.

Tuesday: Wiped tears from taking Astronomy test. Went to CVS. Surprised my sister at her first volleyball game. I don’t want her to be cooler than me and she definitely is.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: Target | Shoes: Michael Kors

Wednesday: Dramatic phone call with Mom because life sucks sometimes. Came to class to find out that it was cancelled…UNTIL MONDAY. The condition? Watch a scary movie this weekend. Ok.

Thursday: Today. Remembered Astronomy test and started crying again. Sad tears turned into happy tears because ITS FREE QUESO DAY AT MOE’S and I have some extra cash to spend at a Good Will WAREHOUSE where you pay $2 to fill a bag with as much stuff as you can. Got a package from the cutest kindergartener I know and hung it on my wall.

Friday: Tomorrow. Stone is coming. We’re going hiking on Saturday and I’m finally taking him to White Duck Taco Shop. He keeps trying to plan but really planning is NOT his thing so I was like, whoa,  cowboy, let me do the work because you’re soooo out of your element and that my friends is the story of how I got CONTROL. images-1

Finally, look at 45 Kids Meeting Their Siblings for the First Time.

Happy Thursday!


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