Late night thoughts.

It’s almost 1am in the morning and I just can’t sleep. Happy but homesick.

I would much rather be talking on the phone with my Mom like we always do, laughing a lot and telling stupid jokes and picking out each other’s outfits. The phone calls that happen on long drives, and by long drives I mean me on my way home. She’s real pretty and wicked smart and I miss her cozy, cozy bed.

Much rather be with my Dad, driving to get an icee and taking the long way home in a baby convertible that makes the guy’s heart race and my hair all tangled. College has built my relationship – friendship, actually – with my old man like I never imagined. In a good way, of course.

And my puppy dog, who never has ever left my side, puts all other lap dogs to shame, and is so patiently my very best four-footed, tail-waggin friend.

I would much rather be with my sister. Side by side in the bathroom, curling irons hot and mirror lights blaring, lips puckered and top hits playing loudly through that tiny little Bluetooth speaker box. We always forget to put it back when we’re finished singing.

Or my sweeter than sweet boyfriend. Distance is real awful. But these almost 3 hours make hello hugs so much better, if you’re trying to think positive. I don’t really know what the heck I did to deserve all that he is to me. Tuesday, the 28th – today – we’ve been dating for 5 whole months. That’s almost half a year. His hands are my favorite to hold and his smile is my favorite to see.

Or Grandma and Pepere and Granny and SarahBelle. Their house is always bright, always busy, always warm. Grandma knows the words to every song, Pepere can make or fix anything you please, Granny gives the best hugs you’ll ever receive, and SarahBelle hasn’t quite figured out the whole puppy thing yet.

And Nana and Papa. Papa is strong, wise, and organized. I rhymed then just because I knew he’d like how good it sounded. Nana is classy, sassy, and makes the best dang gravy in the whole wide world.

What can I say? 12:59am and I freakin love my family.


One thought on “Late night thoughts.

  1. And your family loves you to the moon and back! We are so proud of you. But miss seeing your sweet smile, beautiful face and hearing you singing and laughing! Can’t wait to see you. Love you!


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