Big News for Always, S

immoving You read right! I’m TRANSFERRING! I am so excited to start at UNC Charlotte. I decided to leave UNC Asheville because I felt as if it wasn’t the right fit for me. First, it doesn’t have a public health major, and that is what I will be pursuing at UNCC. Why public health? Although I love to write and originally wanted to be a writer when I came to UNCA, I realized something. Sure, I can publish articles for forever, but will the words I say really mean something to someone besides my parents and grandparents? I don’t think so, honestly.

My senior year of high school, I was given a unique opportunity to shadow a Certified Nurse Midwife at Duke University and participate in the Centering Pregnancy Program, acting as a volunteer who served a group of teen mothers before they delivered their babies. Because of this, I completed my senior year of high school at home, taking AP classes online. It is through this Centering opportunity that I realized my passion for public health, and more specifically maternal child health. I began school at UNC Asheville this fall. I was worried because I am unable to pursue a career in public health through this university, but thankful that UNCC is a school that has that option. By attending UNC Charlotte, I believe that I will have the chance to walk the path that I am passionate about, with abundant resources and excellent instruction. Nothing will compare to the feeling I had while working with the teen moms at the Durham Health Center. Every afternoon, when I left the meetings, I felt as if I had completely changed someone’s life and improved it for the better, whether I talked to them about birth control, helped pick out baby names, or simply gave them an encouraging hug. I feel as if the impact I left on those mom’s lives will not easily be recreated through writing, and maybe not recreated at all. I strive as a college student and as an eventual woman in the workforce to submerge myself in a career that creates CHANGE, and change that I believe in.

Another driving force behind my application is the size of the school. With hundreds of clubs/organizations and a population SIX TIMES that of UNCA, I honestly think that I will get more of a college experience when surrounded by so many people. In some ways, UNCA is a lot like high school – the close knit community and the small freshman class. Don’t get me wrong! I appreciate the community aspect of the university, but feel a little compressed. I feel as if I have seen every face of every student who goes to this school. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I am excited to get a fresh start with a school that has a large pool of people to befriend and get to know. The Study Abroad program is HUGE at UNCC. Just last night I was looking around on the Study Abroad website and found more than 5 study abroad programs specifically for Public Health majors! With these opportunities, I will be able to put my passion for women’s health to work and really make a difference. I will be living in an off campus apartment with 3 random roommates assigned by the complex itself. I am excited to have my own bedroom and bathroom and – BEST NEWS EVER! – my very own WALK IN closet.  I can’t wait to see what Charlotte, NC has in store for me! cropped-cropped-cropped-screen-shot-2014-08-29-at-11-55-38-am11.png

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