When in Asheville: White Duck Taco

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to my new series, When in Asheville. I decided as a previous student at UNCA that I would share my favorite spots and things to do.

Of course, I’m going to start with the food.

Location: White Duck Taco Shop is located in the RAD – River Arts District –  of Asheville and there is also a second location downtown (a third shop is located in South Carolina, FYI).

A bit hard to find in the RAD, it’s located in a bright pink building with HATCHERY spread across the top. It’s also across from a gym. There’s graffiti scattered along the sides of the property, which makes for super cool pictures.

You’ll know White Duck when you see it. Crowded, lots of outside seating, and a huge gravel parking lot next to a large tower.

The local restaurant is ALWAYS packed, but after a quick – seriously, it moves fast –  trip through the line and after avoiding the urge to order everything on the menu, you find a table and wait for the food to come.

And then, it arrives.

IMG_5674The Experience: The wait isn’t long for the tacos or the chips and queso, the perfect side dish. You can even get a margarita, some sangria, Cheerwine, or a local beer! The atmosphere is busy but pleasant, happy, exciting, and overwhelming, almost. There is always something to look at, whether it’s the eccentric decor or the crazy tattoos gracing the arms of your waiter or cashier, and lots of outside seating lets you enjoy a day in the RAD. I don’t want to spoil the menu entirely, so I’ll just tell you what’s in the picture to the right:

The Menu: Top, in blue bin is a Thai Peanut Chicken taco. In the green basket is a Fish and Steak/Cheese taco, and finally, on the bottom, there’s another Steak/Cheese and my personal favorite, the Buffalo Chicken. 

I can’t even describe what comes on top of these tacos. It’s ridiculous. White Duck combines what you think would never be combined and makes it delicious, every single time.

Other types of tacos that really stand out are Bangkok Shrimp (my roommate’s favorite), Black Bean or Tofu, for those that don’t care for meat, and a Duck taco. 

There are soups available as a side, as well as items such as fresh fruit or beans.

Price: Cheap. Tacos are about $3 each. Chips and queso is $3.00, too.

Here’s a bit of a review I found on Trip Advisor that really goes off on what I’ve just said:

“Get the Korean bulgogi taco and enjoy your foodgasm. Damn, I should have ordered two. They’re THAT good, son. But I do not regret also scarfing down the lamb Gyro taco and the vegetarian potato and mushroom taco. My lime margarita was refreshing and fresh, not some overly sweet mix with cheap tequila. And the three salsas served with chips had the right amount of kick to satisfy my demand for some spice. And once you’ve ordered your show, don’t expect to wait too long – in no time, the food is at your table. Tacos are $3.45 and up, so there is no excuse to stop at two. Not a lot of seating, but squeeze in, share a table, make friends. Or get it to go and pop down the road where there is a park by the river. Wherever you’re eating, it doesn’t matter. Their food will make your day.”

Read more about the shop if you’re worried about me being too biased by clicking here 🙂

So, seriously. If you’re near Asheville – or even in James Island, SC – stop by White Duck Taco Shop. You won’t regret it.


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