A Year in Review: Part 2

January: Took the first road trip of the year to Atlanta, Georgia, to watch the nuggets while their older sister danced. See this lil dude? We’re inseparable.


February: GOT SNOWED IN! Sorta.


March: Saw Jenny & Tyler live in concert, AND MET THEM, with my best friend Tess.


April: Saw the Indigo Girls live in concert, FRONT ROW, with my mama.


May: Prepared a YL camp for their summer sessions and went to prom with my best friend. It rocked.



June: Graduated from high school and sorta kinda fell in love with my great group of friends.


July: STARTED THIS BLOG! And went to Canada.


August: Said goodbye to my favorite girls and moved in a week early to do some community service




September: Travelled to Ohio for the first time with my roommate and more to dance and eat good food on a boat. Finally went hiking a ton.


October: FINALLY was reunited with the whole family. Was Superman in disguise for a night.



November: Proudly stood with Planned Parenthood and did something I never thought I would do.



December: Moved out of one school and prepared to move into the next. 


Can’t wait to see what happens next year!! Thanks for following me and keeping track of my adventures. I really appreciate your comments, likes, and more. As for 2015 goals? I want to…

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon
  2. Travel outside of the US
  3. Attend a protest in Washington, D.C.
  4. Make the Dean’s List (get straight A’s)
  5. Start the training process to become a doula
  6. Become CPR certified
  7. Learn how to snowboard or ski
  8. Learn how to drive a stick shift car
  9. Go to a concert

What about you? What’re your goals and bucket list items for next year? 🙂


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