Blogs I Love

I’d like to start off this post with an apology. College as you might assume is crazy, I just had my first test at this new school, my apartment still isn’t ready (yikes), and I’m sorta kinda running around like a mad woman. That being said, I’m still over here brainstorming some good posts. I thought I would kick of the “She’s back!” sorta theme with a list of blogs I check a LOT, if not every single day. They’re sorted too, for your convenience. You’re welcome. Oh – and for those who use a Mac, first, you rock, but if you hold down the “command” key and click on the blog link, you’ll go to a new tab without leaving Always, S. The blogs in bold are the ones I visit regularly.


Delightfully Tacky

The Skinny Confidential 

Love Taza

Em for Marvelous

Blueberry’s Blog

Helene in Between

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Something Devine

Mama Says

Chasing Young

Barefoot Blonde


Sunflowers and Stilettos 


Hiking in Asheville via Em for Marvelous

Adventurous Kate

Flashpacker Family


Everyday Feminism 


Inkspot Crow Films


A Beautiful Mess

The Art of Homemaking

The House That Lars Built


Makenna Alyse 

Charming in Charlotte

Weddings/Event Planning (sorry, can’t help it)

Green Wedding Shoes

A Crimson Kiss

The Perfect Palette

Snippet and Ink

Southern Weddings

UPDATE: Leave a list of blogs you love, too.

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