Nothing Could Top This Night

My parents were out of town last night. So was my sister. AKA the house was empty. Available. Open for business. Yep.

I was tempted to throw a rager. I really was. But the issue is that a) my aunt and uncle live behind me and b) my dog hyperventilates when she meets new people. So that option was out.

Anyways, Katie and I decided to go out to eat to kick off our night of freedom as 18-year-old adults. We got pizza and drank Mr. Pibb and listened to Ne-Yo. We got doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. NOTHING COULD TOP THIS NIGHT!

I don’t think anybody understands how much I love fish (just stick with me). Seriously. I’ve wanted one as a pet for a long as I can remember, and I had one last semester, a blue beta fish, named Bernie. He was great. 6 months later, I walked into the living room on the phone with S and found the little dude when he was not doing so great, chillin’ at the bottom of his tank. I appreciated S at this moment, because he gave his condolences and told me that Bernie was always nice and respectful to him. I bought a 10-gallon tank and a pack of filters to put in my new apartment – which, by the way, will be ready NEXT WEEK!

Katie and I pulled out of the Krispy Kreme parking lot and started on our way back home.

Well, sorta.

30 minutes later, we were inside THE PET SUPERMARKET, taking pictures with rabbits and comparing fish prices. Red-capped Ortega? Too expensive. Lionheads? Too small (you are damn right: I know my fish breeds). We walked down every aisle together, comparing prices, brainstorming names, and keeping the high school kids working the late shift wide awake and pissed, because we stayed right up until closing time.

Ya’ll, I’ve found my best friend. This girl is freakin’ IT.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 12.54.12 PM

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